About Olae Unisex Saloon & Spa

We have been an established beauty and hair salon service center catering to the beautification of people for a long time. We are a one-stop answer for our clients for all beautification and therapeutic services they require. We provide different services like facials, haircuts, packs, waxing, nail services, threading, anti and de-tanning, bleaching, etc. The variety of services provides our clients and the option to choose a process to enhance their beauty. In the world of beauty, we are considered as one of the pioneers and are the primary choice of people who wish to make a complete transformation of their looks.

The world of beauty is an ever-changing world with new fashion trends and beauty products which are daily being introduced to the market. Also, over the period, the inclination to develop the beauty products with the help of organic ingredients has taken place and not to use chemicals in the beauty products. We also believe in using the beauty products prepared from natural ingredients so that our clients don't have to face any side effects on their skin due to the chemicals present in the beauty product. Most of the ingredients used in the beauty products are easily available in the kitchen like the lemon, curds, honey, etc.

All our beauticians are trained and certified personals having vast experience in the field of beautification. We invest in our employee's training so that they are knowledgeable about all the new processes and trends that are coming in the world of beautification. This also helps them to provide better service to our clients. Our beauticians are trained to take personal care of our individual clients, and they are able to provide all the above-listed services with proper tools and procedures. Our USP makes our clients return to us for any kind of beautification services they might require.