De-Tan Service

In simplest words, de-tanning is a removal process of tanned skin and the accumulated cells in our skin after its exposure to sunlight and UV rays and pollution. Even though it is a process to remove tanned skin to even the skin tone, it cannot be considered an alternative to getting fairer skin. There is a different process to de-tan like effective peeling, de-tan facials, bleaching of the skin, natural organic therapies, etc. The greatest benefit of de-tanning is that once the skin's upper layer is removed, the skin pores can breathe and retain its nourishment. This process also helps people to deal with their acne.


Year on year, the harsh Indian summer leads to skin tanning, which causes the aging of the skin. The exposure to harmful UV rays and pollution and the accumulation of the cell leads to tanned skin. To de-tan the skin facial skin, there are options like a magical serum, effective peeling, etc.

Face with a deep neckline

In de-tanning the face and deep neckline first, the skin is cleansed to remove the dirt and grime amassed on its surface. With the help of steaming, the dead cells and dirt are softened so that it can be removed easily. This process ensures that the pores of the skin are open for breathing.


There are many ways to de-tan arms by using natural ingredients like lemon and sugar. The lemon juice is applied on the skin's surface, allowing it to stay there for thirty minutes and wash off. Then, adding some sugar on the skin and scrubbing the dead cells can be removed from the surface.

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