Jet Lag Massage

Jet lag occurs when the body time clock is not in sync with the new environment, which is basically a disruption to a person's circadian rhythm. By using essential massage therapy and oils for jet lag massage, the circadian rhythm can be obtained slowly and gently. Apart from the disruption of the circadian rhythm and the long-haul flights crossing multiple time zones have a negative effect on a body.

Jet Lag Massage

Also, the plane's pressurized compartment causes dehydration, swelling of angle and feet, dry skin, headache, etc. Using essential oil massages and various other therapies can help deal with long-haul flights' above-mentioned problems.

An aromatherapy massage is a good option to have a jet lag massage as it includes peppermint, geranium, or eucalyptus as the essential oil. Some might say it is counter intuitive to get a massage before a flight but getting this kind of massage will prevent jet lag.

Once the massage is complete, you can also take a bath by adding a few peppermint oils drops to the water. Once you have arrived, try to sleep at the local time of the area, take a massage, and then go to sleep. If you still feel jet lag take bath adding the peppermint oil and take a massage.

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