Nail Service

In beauty salons, nail services like manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements are provided. There are various nail services options in which the customer can indulge like basic manicure, French manicure & pedicure, spa, etc. The stylists working in the nail salon are generally known as nail technicians.

The most common service people indulge in are the basic manicure and pedicure in which the customer is in a relaxed state, and the technician work on the nails, making it smooth and silky by cleaning and washing along with shaping the nails. In short, preparing the nails to polish it with the customer required color.

Manicure (Basic/Spa/Crystal)

The cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails is known as manicure, which is performed in a beauty salon by nail technicians. It basically consists of shaping, filling, clipping, treatment with various liquids; massage the hand, and finally applying the fingernail polish. In some of the manicures, the technician can paint or design on the nail.

Pedicure (Basic/Spa/Crystal)

The cosmetic beauty treatment of toenails is known as a pedicure. It is done for therapeutic and for cosmetic purposes. In the process, care is taken for the toenails, and the removal of dead skin cells present in the bottom of the foot is also removed by using a rough stone, also known as a pumice stone

Nail Cutting for Feet/hand

In nail cutting for feet/hand, the beauty salon washes the hand and foot with shampoo cleaning and getting clear of all the dirt, dead skin cells, and pollutants. Then the nails are cut and given shape by filling so that they may look beautiful and compliment the entire makeover of the person.

Nail Coloring

In Nail coloring, the nail technicians conduct the manicure and pedicure processes where the hand and feet are cleansed and massaged, giving the cosmetic and therapeutic treatment. Once all this process is completed, the nails are colored based on the client's preference, enhancing the hand and feet' beauty.

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