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Anti-Tan Wax

Tanning of the skin occurs when exposed to the sunlight and UV rays for a long time.

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Bleaching is used in beauty salons to remove pigmentation, tan, blackheads, pore cleansing.

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De-Tan Service

In simplest words, de-tanning is a removal process of tanned skin and the accumulated cells in our skin.

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Hair Services

In-salon hair services are the primary service that is being provided to the people.

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To look beautiful and the skin to glow, people use face packs and face masks regularly.

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Nail Service

In beauty salons, nail services like manicures, pedicures, nail enhancements are provided.

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Threading Service

The most ancient method to remove facial hair has been the threading process

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Skin Services

Different kinds of skin services like improving the beauty, hairdressing, manicuring, facial massage

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Waxing Services

Waxing is an effective and painful process through which the hair is removed from the body.

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