Threading Service

The most ancient method to remove facial hair has been the threading process, which has regained its popularity due to its usage in hair salons. In this process, the hairstylist uses two cotton threads wrapped around the line of unwanted hair and removed. This process is easier, efficient, and safer than other kinds of processes, like waxing and shaving. The results last for more than six to ten weeks, and the process is also faster compared to other processes. There is no use of chemicals, and it works better with sensitive skin. Due to this process, there is no swelling or redness of the skin.

U Lip/L Lip

There is a misconception that due to threading of U Lip / L Lip, the hair grows back darker; also, it doesn't lead to change in the color of the upper lip. There will be little swelling or redness due to the threading due to pressure caused on the skin. Threading is better for small areas like an upper and lower lip.


Eyebrows and chin threading on the skin are a gentler process compared to waxing; the only back draw of threading can spread the virus and infection if a dirty thread is used for this process. This process allows us to uniformly shape the eyebrows above both eyes without any cut to the skin, which can happen when razors are used.

Forehead/Cheeks/Full face

Hairs sometimes grow in unwanted areas like the forehead, chin, cheeks, etc. Even though they are less in numbers than men, they are an unwanted addition to the face. With the help of threading, the hairs at specific small areas can be removed and can be forgotten for at least eight to ten weeks.

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