Waxing Service

Waxing is an effective and painful process through which the hair is removed from the body of a person from its root. Due to this, the waxing lasts longer compares to the other hair removal processes like shaving or bleaching. Depending upon the individual and the body area where the waxing has been conducted, waxing lasts up to four to six weeks. Waxing not only get rid of the hair, but it also removes the dead skin cells leaving the skin much brighter and smoother. It's not a permanent hair removal process, but people have found that lesser and lesser hair grows in the area where waxing has been conducted.

Half arms/Full arms

Waxing of arms is a fast and easy method, but it takes practice and technique to do so. First, a pre-depilatory lotion is applied on the skin to cleanse the area, and then the powder is applied to absorb the moisture so that the wax will adhere well to the skin.

Half Legs/Full legs

Waxing of legs will provide you a smooth skin compared to the shaving done on the legs. It also helps the women to avoid the nicks and cuts the razor will provide if not done correctly. In that sense, waxing is much safer as compared to shaving. Also, wax products are made up of natural ingredients.


The hair under the armpit is coarser compared to other body hair. Comparatively, waxing of under armpit is less painful than waxing other parts of the body like the arms and legs. One of the main reasons being the surface area where waxing is done is small compared to other parts of the body.

Combo (Full Arms, Legs & U/A)

When going for waxing services, people usually go for the entire body, which includes arms, legs, and underarms (u/a) so that they can have a uniform smooth skin. Once waxing of a body part is done a minimum of three weeks, you don't have to worry about hair growth; it may vary from person to person.


Face wax can work either when applied cold or warm, which, when hardens, can be removed when pulled in the opposite direction. This is a good option to remove unwanted hair from the face without following the routine of waking every morning and shaving. Also, this provides a smooth skin without any subtle.

Bikini Line

By using cold or hot wax and removing the pubic hair is known as the bikini line waxing. People usually get it done for appealing hygiene or fashion purposes; the reason depends on the person. It is also the safest way to remove hair from the pubic area without the fear of any razor cut.

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